Embroider Shirts

Shirts Embroidery – Tackling Shirt Embroidery

When you are looking for a professional look, a button-down shirt is the way to go. When we say embroider shirt we mean a button-down shirt with a collared SHIRT. You never want to look into embroidery t-shirts, it’s just a nightmare. Embroider shirts gives a higher level of business attire than the casual polo look. Adding an embroidery button-down shirt with a company jacket will give your company a complete look of authorization.

We have many companies who staff their employee with polos shirts or t-shirts but when they go outside to the public or have an important meeting they switch over an embroider shirts.

Custom Embroider Shirt

Embroider shirts have different qualities, such as material, its cut and even different type of button. Many shirts we carry have a Men’s and Women’s cut, so don’t worry about giving your female employee a boxy shirt that looks awkward and unprofessional.

There is a special edition embroider that has hit the market in the last few years. Not all sizes fits all and the wholesale market is coming into terms with that. Such a tall size. Bigger plus sizes, even a maturity fit has been showing up in our wholesale catalogs! Surf around and see what you can find and like.

Embroidery Factors

Embroider shirts can range on different prices depending on factors.

  1. The biggest is the cost of an embroidered shirt is the apparel cost. The cost can varies greatly depending on what type of shirt you are looking for. Here are a couple of online catalogs we use:
    1. https://catalog.companycasuals.com/
    2. https://www.sportswearcollection.com/?site=XQIJYERCRG
    3. https://www.4logoapparel.com/cgi-bin/hw/hwb/chw-pseudoHome.w?hwCVD=alpgenericPriced
  2. There are 2 typical embroider position you put on a shirt. Left Chest and Right Chest.
  3. We have an embroider a few additions to give more branding look. The cuff of the shirt, the back neck logo, and the bottom front by the button area.
  4. The more you buy the less the cost. It’s cheaper in bulk!

Do you need an embroidered shirt? And looking for a professional look, an Embroider shirt is the way to go. Have J6designs.com help you find you the right look for you. Call us or E-mail us. We love to find the right one for your budget and needs.