3d foam on caps

Custom Embroidery Work

We offer embroidery services for all your apparel needs. If you need to uniform your crew or start the BIG next clothing line we can be there to help. We work with all types and sizes of businesses and customers. Our customers range from Schools, Sporting Teams, Small and Large businesses, Clothing Lines, City/State Governments and Agencies, Special Events, Brokers and any ideas you might put on a shirt.

We have NEW Tajima embroidery machines at our disposal. We are only few embroidery shops in Southern California that carries the NEW TMARK machine. The TMARK is a heavier duty machine that specializes in puff embroidery. We are one of the largest general public embroidery shops in Southern California. It has revolutionized the industry. We have special equipment that does most bags and has the experience to do it. We have the highest quality in the industry. Our employees average over 10 years of experience. Each dept has its own customer representative and will walk you through the entire process from the beginning to the end. Your order matters to us and we make sure we show you.

We can embroidery using these methods:

  1. 3D puff
  2. Applique
  3. Hats
  4. Polos, Bags, Jackets

Factors that determine price:

  1. Quantity: The higher the quantity, the lower the price per piece.
  2. Stitch Count: The higher the stitch count,the higher the price per piece

If you need a quote for our embroidery process, please call or email us!

A customer representative will be happy to help with providing you a quote. They will need the following information to give you an accurate quote:

  1. How many pieces?
  2. Are we buying the apparel or are you supplying the apparel? If we are buying please reply on #3.
  3. What type of shirt do you require? Please refer to our catalog for info. Here is the link: http://www.companycasuals.com/j6designs/start.jsp We need to know the style number, please. If there are too many choices please let us know your budget per piece: $10-$15, $16-$20, $21-$25, $26-$30, $31-$40, $41-higher. We will reply with some links on choices.
  4. What color is the apparel?
  5. How many locations do you need us to embroider? (Front Left Chest, Sleeve, Back?)
  6. Do you have the artwork for each location. If so, please attach the artwork in an email. If you do not, please let us know what you have.

With the latest in embroidery tools, equipment, threads, and embroidery digitizing software. J6 Designs will embroider your logo in the most visually appealing, cost-effective manner!

Screen Printing


Screen Print, Screenprint or Screenprinting Service

We offer Inland Empire screen printing services for custom t shirts or cheap custom t shirts and custom shirt printing. If you want to design your own t shirt, we offer screenprinting t shirts or silk screen printing for all kinds of screen printing shirts services.

We offer screen printing services for custom t-shirts and other apparel. If you want to design your own t-shirt or if you need help on the design, we offer screenprinting t shirts or silk screen printing for all kinds of screen printing shirts services. We work with all types and sizes of business and customer. Our customers range from Schools, Small and Large business, Clothing Lines, City/State Governments and Agencies, Special Events, Brokers and any ideas you might to put on a shirt.

We have new M&R automatic screen printing machines that can average 400-500 an hour full color t-shirts to our manual press that can print 1-2 color for 12 and over pieces. We have a full art team that can help put your ideas in digital format to print them. Each dept has its own customer representative and will walk you through the entire process from the beginning to the end. You order matters to us and we make sure we show you.

We print using these methods:

  1. Plastisol (normal ink)
  2. Water-base
  3. Discharge
  4. Foil

General Rules in Ordering Custom Screenprinting Shirts:

  1. Price increases with more colors and vice versa, price goes down with fewer colors.
  2. The larger quantity of shirts decreases the price and vice versa increases the price with a smaller order of shirts.

If you need a quote for our screen printing process, please call or email us.

A customer representative will happy to help to give you a quote. The representative will ask you for the following information:

  1. How many pieces?
  2. What type shirt you require? (if you don’t know, its ok we can provide a quote using our standard 6.1oz 100% preshrunk cotton T-Shirt)
  3. What color is the shirt?
  4. How many locations do you need us to print? (Front, Back, Sleeve?)
  5. How many color is each location?
  6. How is the artwork, is print ready in a vector format or is the idea not clear yet might need the help of our inhouse art dept

If you can answer most of the question, we give an accurate quote.

Digital Payment Options

We are taking multiple options for payment, from Paypal to Cryptocurrencies.  The digital world is changing and we are changing with it.  We created this page to help gather this information.


Paypal:   Billing@J6designs.com

Venmo:  @j6designs

Cash App:  $j6d

Zelle: info@j6designs.com



Coinbase:  @J6D

Metamask:  https://metamask.app.link/send/0x07D26CBE336D5b5f40c70CD9D63E28DBf2BC9CC2ReplyForward

Front Office is closed for the week of 11/2-11/6

We are currently have construction being done on the outside area, in front of the lobby. It will not be accessible until the of end of the week or early next week.

We apologize for the inconveniences, if you have pick up or drops please drive to the back warehouse area and customer support will meet you outside with further instruction.

This will not affect our hours, we are open Monday-Friday 9am-3pm.

Thank you

J6 designs Customer Service

Face Mask Pay Later Program


We know you’re ready to go back to business as soon as possible. But will your employees or customers have face masks at your business location to wear? Do you have a retail store where it would be essential for your business to have a customer purchase face mask from you? Businesses such as beauty salons, barbershops, restaurants, bars and breweries, supermarkets, etc where there is more human interaction will need protection to stop the spread of COVID-19. 

We can offer a blank or custom made mask for you! We know the main issue, how can you spend money if you haven’t made money lately? We completely understand this dilemma since this novel virus halted a lot of small businesses and we want to help. We created a Face Mask Pay Later Program. You can order now, we create masks and you can pay 30 days after your business reopens or the official county notice that business can be open.


Rules and Guidelines.


  1. Offer is only for Small Business Only.
  2. There is a limited amount of masks we have, so we love to offer this program to every business but we can’t. The program might end earlier due to demand.
  3. Only Available for the Jasper Mask.
  4. Offer is only up to 6/30/20
  5. One person/business can apply for 1 Pay Later program.
  6. 24 custom printed face masks per business.
  7. If you need more than 24 pcs, the difference including the setup/digitizing is due prior to the job.
  8. We reserve the right to refuse an order for any reason.
  9. FREE Shipping using UPS ground and USPS, our choice.


What to do next:


  1. Please fill out the Jasper_PO
  2. Send the form to Info@J6designs.com and send over any art files or logos you may have. 
  3. We will review and send over an official Quickbooks Estimate. Please review and make sure it’s what you like to spend. We might reply back with questions we might have.
  4. Reply back and let us know you agree.
  5. We will convert the estimate to an invoice and send that over. Don’t worry about paying right now. But you do have the pay link when you are ready.
  6. You will receive an email from our production software on an estimated turnaround time. 
  7. We will process the order and send over a proof to you. 
  8. Review and make sure the color, size, and location is correct.
  9. Reply with changes or approvals. Once it’s approved we get your order moving in the scheduling queue.
  10. Once we complete the order, we will ship out, resend the invoice and send over an email letting you know it’s done. 
  11. Contact us for any issues or concerns.We hope you love your masks!
  12. If you can pay earlier, that would be amazing but if not please pay within the 30 days.