Custom Embroidery Work

We offer embroidery services for all your apparel needs. If you need to uniform your crew or start the BIG next clothing line we can be there to help. We work with all types and sizes of business and customer. Our customers range from Schools, Sporting Teams, Small and Large business, Clothing Lines, City/State Governments and Agencies, Special Events, Brokers and any ideas you might to put on a shirt.

We have NEW Tajima embroidery machines at our disposal. We are only the few normal embroidery shops in Southern California that carries the NEW TMARK machine. The TMARK is a heavier duty machine that specialize in puff embroidery. We are one of the largest general public embroidery shops in Southern California. It has revolutionize the industry. We have special equipment that do most bags and have the experience to do it. is We have the quality in the industry. Our employee average over 10 years of experiences. Each dept has its own customer representative and will walk you through the entire process from the beginning to the end. You order matters to us and we make sure we show you.

We can embroidery using these methods:

  1. 3D puff
  2. Applique
  3. Hats
  4. Polos, Bags, Jackets

Factors that determine price:

  1. Quantity: The higher the quantity,the lower the price per piece.
  2. Stitch Count: The higher the stitch count,the higher the price per piece

If you need a quote for our embroidery process, please call or email us!

A customer representative will be happy to help with providing you a quote. They will ask you the following information to give you a quote:

  1. How many pieces?
  2. Are we buying the apparel or are you supplying the apparel? If we are buying please reply on #3.
  3. What type shirt you require? Please refer to our catalog for info. Here is the link: http://www.companycasuals.com/j6designs/start.jsp We need to know style number please. If there is too many choices please let us know your budget per piece: $10-$15, $16-$20, $21-$25, $26-$30, $31-$40, $41-higher. We will reply with some links on choices.
  4. What color is the apparel?
  5. How many locations do you need us to embroider? (Front Left Chest, Sleeve, Back?)
  6. Do you have the artwork for each location. If so, please attach the artwork in an email. If you do not, please let us know what you have.

With the latest in embroidery tools, equipment, threads and embroidery digitizing software, J6 Designs will embroider your logo in the most visually appealing, cost-effective manner!

Screen Printing


Screen Print, Screenprint or Screenprinting Service

We offer Inland Empire screen printing services for custom t shirts or cheap custom t shirts and custom shirt printing. If you want to design your own t shirt, we offer screenprinting t shirts or silk screen printing for all kinds of screen printing shirts services.

We offer screen printing services for custom t-shirts and other apparel. If you want to design your own t-shirt or if you need help on the design, we offer screenprinting t shirts or silk screen printing for all kinds of screen printing shirts services. We work with all types and sizes of business and customer. Our customers range from Schools, Small and Large business, Clothing Lines, City/State Governments and Agencies, Special Events, Brokers and any ideas you might to put on a shirt.

We have new M&R automatic screen printing machines that can average 400-500 an hour full color t-shirts to our manual press that can print 1-2 color for 12 and over pieces. We have a full art team that can help put your ideas in digital format to print them. Each dept has its own customer representative and will walk you through the entire process from the beginning to the end. You order matters to us and we make sure we show you.

We print using these methods:

  1. Plastisol (normal ink)
  2. Water-base
  3. Discharge
  4. Foil

General Rules in Ordering Custom Screenprinting Shirts:

  1. Price increases with more colors and vice versa, price goes down with fewer colors.
  2. The larger quantity of shirts decreases the price and vice versa increases the price with a smaller order of shirts.

If you need a quote for our screen printing process, please call or email us.

A customer representative will happy to help to give you a quote. The representative will ask you for the following information:

  1. How many pieces?
  2. What type shirt you require? (if you don’t know, its ok we can provide a quote using our standard 6.1oz 100% preshrunk cotton T-Shirt)
  3. What color is the shirt?
  4. How many locations do you need us to print? (Front, Back, Sleeve?)
  5. How many color is each location?
  6. How is the artwork, is print ready in a vector format or is the idea not clear yet might need the help of our inhouse art dept

If you can answer most of the question, we give an accurate quote.

Attention Restaurants – Banners!

Banner promotion

Advertise that You’re Open for Take-out Orders

Due to the current situation, Covid-19 is closing restaurants for dine-in orders. Many restaurants are looking for take-out orders to help bring some revenue. We know the restaurant industry is hurting at the moment but most are doing everything they can to keep the doors open.

As I travel to my local my food spot, I notice that there is no one parked in front and the light seems off. I take the chance and walk up to the front door. To my surprise, the place is open! However there was no signs, banners or any advertising that the restaurant is open for take out orders. I was the only one there the whole time it took the staff to prepare my take out order.

That left me thinking, why didn’t they have a banner? I felt if they had a banner hanging it might help get more take out orders. I realize it costs money to make money but if there is no money, there is no way to make money. We understand, we are all the same boat.

So we decide to make the process easy and as cheap as possible for us to offer it. We offer to ship NATIONWIDE free shipping! Below are the templates for the our banners to give you more options to choose which one is best for your business.

Our banner layouts!!

We are offering a premium heavyweight 13 oz. scrim vinyl banner.  There is a grommet on the corner and every 2′ feet.

2′ x 6′ Banner for $40 – FREE UPS GROUND SHIPPING

3’x 8′ Banner for $60 – FREE UPS GROUND SHIPPING

What to do next:

  1. Send us an Email at Info@J6designs.com with the following information
  2. What size are you looking for?
  3. What Template do you like?
  4. Send us your logo!
  5. How many banners would you like?
  6. What address should we ship it to?

What we do:

  1. We will send you to invoice for the banner(s)
  2. We will need a full payment for the banner
  3. After that, our Artwork Department will send over a proof
  4. Check the spelling, logo and any information and make sure it’s correct.
  5. Send over your approval or changes to the art department. We will work the design until you are happy.

Not interested in these banners?

There are unlimited options but they will cost more than the special we have now.

  1. We can make a custom design for you! Let us know what you what your banner to say.
  2. We can make any size you need!
  3. We can offer different finishing options, such as Pole Pocket, Velcro, Windslits, Webbing, Rope, etc.

What can J6 designs do to help if you need help?

  1. We can design your banner for free! Maybe you have a better route to print your banner but in need on the designs. Follow “What to do next” Steps 1-4
  2. Let us know what you can pay. If you are all low in funds maybe we help can print it at a reduced cost.

What we are limited to:

  1. Only in the continental United States, please.
  2. No Hawaii or Alaska ( sorry the shipping would cost more than the banner itself)
  3. No returns are available unless the banner comes physically defective.
  4. As of now, this is until 4/30/20

CoronaVirus Shop Status


Dear Clients,

As of now, we have orders from our local police and fire, US Marshals, DA offices, LA Census, Animal Centers, Police Academy and our local hospitals and we plan to help them with their uniforms needs. We are not as essential as those brave first responders but we plan to help in our small way by staying open.

On 3/19/20, Governor Newsom, has made a voluntary stay at home notice. It is a voluntary compliance and not an official shut down order. We have spoken to our City Councilman, Independent HR, and legal counsel to decipher this confusing order. We are a very small group of employees and unfortunately, most of us can not work at home to do our job. Most of our employees do not deal with the public and have very little contact. We are planning on staying open throughout this crisis.

As long as the order is not mandatory and we are not breaking any laws, we will continue to be open.

We have made a volunteer program to all our current employees meaning that those who want to stay at home, can stay home and those employees who want to come in, can come in. We are doing our best to protect our employees and help them economically.

For our clients and brokers, please let us practice safe hygiene and social distancing. Please place orders through emails or our online PO system. Call us with any questions you may have. We are not open to the general public.

Let us ship your order through UPS or FedEx. Send us your shipping address. Please avoid picking up orders at our location.

Brokers: have your orders drop-ship from the apparel vendors. Please do not drop off products. Please send us your UPS number and we ship directly.

Please stay safe and we make it through the crisis stronger and better.

Thank you

Rick H
CEO, J6D inc

Place a Screen Print or Embroidery order with us!


Instruction on placing an order.

Custom Embroider Polos
We can embroider your custom embroider polos

We can work with Schools and their Districts, Clothing Lines, Small to Large Business, Sports Teams, and with YOU!! We offer free delivery (UPS Ground) to all customers. We have an in-house graphic department using the latest in graphic design software and tools. We accept credit cards, check, and cash payments.

 For large companies and school districts, we can take P.O.’s. Please contact us prior to your order. Accounting Department will need to approve PO. Not all POs are taken. 

Advantage of our service:

  • *No taxes due out of state charges if you are not in California.
  • *Free delivery (UPS ground) to , .
  • *We take credit cards and check deposits

Additional services:

  • *Web Design with In-house Programmer
  • *Paper Printing 4 color Process (Business Cards, Postcards, Brochure, etc)
  • *Vinyl Banners and Signs: Digital and Vinyl Die Cut

Once you are ready to place a screen printing or an embroidery order with us. Here are some information and steps we usually need from you.


Step 1 – Send your Info

Please e-mail us at Info@J6designs.com the following information:

  1. Your Billing Information, who/where should we send the quote.
  2. Qty of your order:
  3. Type of Garment (T-shirt, Polo’s, pullover sweatshirt, etc)
  4. Quality of Garment: (Economical, Moderate, High End) You can check out our catalog page for examples.
  5. Color of Garment
  6. Locations: Front Left Chest, Full Back, etc
  7. Artwork: Please supply what you have.

Step 2 – Get Quote

  • 1. You will receive a quote from us. Please review the supplied information and contact us with any changes that might need to be made.
  • 2. Upon your approval of the job, we will need a 50% deposit of the quoted price to begin the printing process.
  • 3. How to pay the deposit: Once you approve the official estimate, we can convert the estimate into an invoice and you can pay online using Quickbooks online features. Please download our   Shipping Form if we need to ship. It can be emailed to us.

Step 3 -Receiving Art Proof

1. You will receive an email with a digital proof of your design to make sure the artwork is correct. Please review the digital sample carefully and reply with corrections or your approval to complete the job.

Step 4 – Production is done, Final Payment is Due

1. Prior to your shipment, you will be contacted with an estimated delivery date. At which point we need the final payment for the completed jobs.

Step 5 – Tell us what you think

1. You’re Done! We hope you come back to J6 Designs for all of your printing needs.  We hope you like our services and take a moment to give us an honest review. 

If you have a minute, please tell other people about us and describe your experience via the social media of your choice:

  • Yelp: yelp.com/biz/j6-designs-ontario
  • Facebook: facebook.com/j6designs
  • Twitter: twitter.com/j6designs
  • Instagram: instagram.com/j6designs

Thank you so much!! 

Customer Service (Info@j6designs.com)

J6D inc.

Office hours: 9am to 5pm PST M – F

4189 Santa Ana Unit F

Ontario, CA 91761

(909) 605-6878

Fax: (909) 605-6898