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Custom Embroidery Work

We offer embroidery services for all your apparel needs. If you need to uniform your crew or start the BIG next clothing line we can be there to help. We work with all types and sizes of businesses and customers. Our customers range from Schools, Sporting Teams, Small and Large businesses, Clothing Lines, City/State Governments and Agencies, Special Events, Brokers and any ideas you might put on a shirt.

We have NEW Tajima embroidery machines at our disposal. We are only few embroidery shops in Southern California that carries the NEW TMARK machine. The TMARK is a heavier duty machine that specializes in puff embroidery. We are one of the largest general public embroidery shops in Southern California. It has revolutionized the industry. We have special equipment that does most bags and has the experience to do it. We have the highest quality in the industry. Our employees average over 10 years of experience. Each dept has its own customer representative and will walk you through the entire process from the beginning to the end. Your order matters to us and we make sure we show you.

We can embroidery using these methods:

  1. 3D puff
  2. Applique
  3. Hats
  4. Polos, Bags, Jackets

Factors that determine price:

  1. Quantity: The higher the quantity, the lower the price per piece.
  2. Stitch Count: The higher the stitch count,the higher the price per piece

If you need a quote for our embroidery process, please call or email us!

A customer representative will be happy to help with providing you a quote. They will need the following information to give you an accurate quote:

  1. How many pieces?
  2. Are we buying the apparel or are you supplying the apparel? If we are buying please reply on #3.
  3. What type of shirt do you require? Please refer to our catalog for info. Here is the link: http://www.companycasuals.com/j6designs/start.jsp We need to know the style number, please. If there are too many choices please let us know your budget per piece: $10-$15, $16-$20, $21-$25, $26-$30, $31-$40, $41-higher. We will reply with some links on choices.
  4. What color is the apparel?
  5. How many locations do you need us to embroider? (Front Left Chest, Sleeve, Back?)
  6. Do you have the artwork for each location. If so, please attach the artwork in an email. If you do not, please let us know what you have.

With the latest in embroidery tools, equipment, threads, and embroidery digitizing software. J6 Designs will embroider your logo in the most visually appealing, cost-effective manner!

Screen Printing


Screen Print, Screenprint or Screenprinting Service

We offer Inland Empire screen printing services for custom t shirts or cheap custom t shirts and custom shirt printing. If you want to design your own t shirt, we offer screenprinting t shirts or silk screen printing for all kinds of screen printing shirts services.

We offer screen printing services for custom t-shirts and other apparel. If you want to design your own t-shirt or if you need help on the design, we offer screenprinting t shirts or silk screen printing for all kinds of screen printing shirts services. We work with all types and sizes of business and customer. Our customers range from Schools, Small and Large business, Clothing Lines, City/State Governments and Agencies, Special Events, Brokers and any ideas you might to put on a shirt.

We have new M&R automatic screen printing machines that can average 400-500 an hour full color t-shirts to our manual press that can print 1-2 color for 12 and over pieces. We have a full art team that can help put your ideas in digital format to print them. Each dept has its own customer representative and will walk you through the entire process from the beginning to the end. You order matters to us and we make sure we show you.

We print using these methods:

  1. Plastisol (normal ink)
  2. Water-base
  3. Discharge
  4. Foil

General Rules in Ordering Custom Screenprinting Shirts:

  1. Price increases with more colors and vice versa, price goes down with fewer colors.
  2. The larger quantity of shirts decreases the price and vice versa increases the price with a smaller order of shirts.

If you need a quote for our screen printing process, please call or email us.

A customer representative will happy to help to give you a quote. The representative will ask you for the following information:

  1. How many pieces?
  2. What type shirt you require? (if you don’t know, its ok we can provide a quote using our standard 6.1oz 100% preshrunk cotton T-Shirt)
  3. What color is the shirt?
  4. How many locations do you need us to print? (Front, Back, Sleeve?)
  5. How many color is each location?
  6. How is the artwork, is print ready in a vector format or is the idea not clear yet might need the help of our inhouse art dept

If you can answer most of the question, we give an accurate quote.

Will Work for Crytpo!

As the bear market continues, we need to find ways to earn some crypto.  So here at J6 designs, we figured what better way to do that but to make T-shirts for you and your team!

We at J6 designs have over 20 years of experience in clothing printing . We have worked and still continue to work with all different types of lines, for example TunerCult, Stay Loaded, Ogio, Travis Mathew and Cloak.  We have the machinery and staff to get any size project printed and completed. 

If you are launching a new coin or an NFT or have Metaverse Land, we are willing to trade our services for your Blockchain Project. We are willing to trade out using your project coin or NFT as payment for your promotional items.  We can also take any top 50 coin as payments if required.

If you have normal business and are into the crypto world but do not want to use fiat for payment, let us work together to get you the apparel you need. 

As a trade, we do need to place a value on the items you need and what you coin/NFT/Meta Land you have. If the project is a new project, we might require not equal trade but a certain percentage higher to cover some of the risk on trade. If the project is willing to pay using a top 20 coin we can consider 1 to 1 trade. 

For example, your new Blockchain company needs $2000 worth of shirts.  If this coin is new or it’s not on any major exchanges or might take awhile for the coin to launch, we would consider taking the job maybe at $4000-$5000 (or more) value of the coin.

Another example, if you need $3000 worth of shirts and If you are launching a new NFT and do not have history in the crypto world, we might consider taking $4-5000 in mint value.

Or less, say you do have success in the NFT world, we would consider whitelisting as some value with a minting cost  trade value of a 1 to 1 ratio. 

If your company has Ethereum, Bitcoin or Polygon and is willing to trade out, we are willing to trade the value of trade with an equal amount of. In example $2000 of shirts for $2000 worth of ETH.

If this is something you are interested in please follow this instruction.

  1. Email us at info@j6designs with the subject line in example of “Crypto Trade?”
  2. Introduce yourself, let us know the name of the project and what it is about and what future it may have. A link to the webpage will be helpful.
  3. Let us know what you are looking for and where we have to ship to. We don’t need major details at this time but just the basic points. 
  4. Artwork information. Please send us what you are thinking of us to print.
  5.  If you have a certain shirt/hat you like us to use?
  6.  What is your in hands due date for it?

Once our team has received this information and reviewed it,  we come back with a proposal on a trade. If we come to an agreement we start the deposit stage. The deposit amount will be on the proposal.

Our ETH address is:   J6designs.eth



Saying Hello! And just a quick update on our Holiday Schedule.


Saying Hello! And just a quick update on our Holiday Schedule


 It’s been a crazy 18 months and we hope you’ve been staying safe out there. As some of you know, we had our ups and down like every other small business out there.  We are still here and hoping to serve you whenever your Screen Printing and Embroidery needs occur.

 I wanted to reach out quickly and give you a quick and important update. Inventory, Manpower and Supplies have been short as you have seen in the news lately. It has affected our industry as for not being able to complete a full order without adjustments in the last few months. Low manpower has made us less productive and we have been running behind for a while. Inks and supplies have been shortened and rationed as we have never seen before. We have enough to print but it’s not as comfortable as it was in the past. 

 This leaves us with a huge problem, the holiday printing / embroidery schedule for the upcoming 2021 holiday season. We are forecasting a rough production. There are some production charts that show us not being able to take any orders in December and closing our production in late November. We hope this industry can fix these hurdles but we wanted to reach out and ask kindly if you are planning a Holiday orders and please place it now so we make sure we can do it before Christmas. I know this is a hard concept to order this early but we wanted to make sure that your order is placed and we can lock down your spot.  We want to make sure our customers do not turn away due inventory, manpower or supplies for their employees and customers gifts this December.

 If you have any questions, please reach out to us and we are more than happy to help. 



Digital Payment Options

We are taking multiple options for payment, from Paypal to Cryptocurrencies.  The digital world is changing and we are changing with it.  We created this page to help gather this information.


Paypal:   Billing@J6designs.com

Venmo:  @j6designs

Cash App:  $j6d

Zelle: info@j6designs.com



Coinbase:  @J6D

Eth Address:   j6designs.eth