Saying Hello! And just a quick update on our Holiday Schedule.


Saying Hello! And just a quick update on our Holiday Schedule


 It’s been a crazy 18 months and we hope you’ve been staying safe out there. As some of you know, we had our ups and down like every other small business out there.  We are still here and hoping to serve you whenever your Screen Printing and Embroidery needs occur.

 I wanted to reach out quickly and give you a quick and important update. Inventory, Manpower and Supplies have been short as you have seen in the news lately. It has affected our industry as for not being able to complete a full order without adjustments in the last few months. Low manpower has made us less productive and we have been running behind for a while. Inks and supplies have been shortened and rationed as we have never seen before. We have enough to print but it’s not as comfortable as it was in the past. 

 This leaves us with a huge problem, the holiday printing / embroidery schedule for the upcoming 2021 holiday season. We are forecasting a rough production. There are some production charts that show us not being able to take any orders in December and closing our production in late November. We hope this industry can fix these hurdles but we wanted to reach out and ask kindly if you are planning a Holiday orders and please place it now so we make sure we can do it before Christmas. I know this is a hard concept to order this early but we wanted to make sure that your order is placed and we can lock down your spot.  We want to make sure our customers do not turn away due inventory, manpower or supplies for their employees and customers gifts this December.

 If you have any questions, please reach out to us and we are more than happy to help.